The 3 in 1 technology of CryoEMS allows you to perform 3 treatments with only one device. Offer now cryolipolysis, EMS and LED with only one investment.

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CryoEMS is the only cryolipolysis device you need. Why? It combines the unique applications of cryolipolysis, EMS and LED in only one device.

Applicable on body and face

Unique design

Up to 8 handpieces


Use the whole power of CryoEMS

The CryoEMS cryolipolysis device is one of the most advanced apparative cosmetic devices currently available on the market. It combines the CRYO technology and EMS muscle stimulation. In each of the 8 plates are integrated both the cold, muscle stimulation and LED. Both types of application run in parallel and simultaneously in each handpiece.

It is unique not only in function and effect, but also in quality and design. The times and intensities of cold and EMS can be flexibly adjusted on the ergonomic 15″ touch screen monitor. After putting on the plates at the customer’s place and setting the parameters individually, the device starts KRYO/EMS circumferential reduction without your permanent presence. Your client can relax and you are free for other applications in your studio.

Body applications

Choose from a wide range of body and face applications or profit from our customized sessions – no matter where your problem areas hide, we will find the perfect solution for every figure problem. 

Body applications

Face applications

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