Icy Cold chambers for possible pain relief and accelerated regeneration

We are a German manufacturer of electric cold chambers up to minus 110 degrees Celsius, ideal for pain therapy, regeneration and lifestyle applications. Our unique advantage is the innovative double chamber technology with a pre-chamber at minus 30 degrees Celsius and a main chamber at up to minus 110 degrees Celsius, which is more economical and comfortable for our customers.

First class service

Our company is characterized by outstanding features. Our German electric cold chambers stand for highest quality and reliability. The unique double chamber technology offers clear advantages, such as effective applications at up to minus 110 degrees Celsius.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so our experts support customers with in-depth expertise. Customers can find detailed information on products and services on our website www.life-cube.de. We offer innovative and economical solutions for cryotherapy applications. With us as a partner, customers receive first-class products and excellent service that exceeds their expectations.

Problems that can be solved by the application of cold

Targeted application

Dual chamber technology allows precise control of cold exposure, allowing specific areas of the body to be targeted

Effectiveness and efficiency

The temperature ranges of minus 30 degrees Celsius in the pre-chamber and down to minus 110 degrees Celsius in the main chamber offer a wide range of possible applicationsv .

Comfort and safety

Our cold chambers are equipped with modern safety mechanisms to ensure safe use.

Main advantages of cold application in our electric cold chambers


Cold treatments have been shown to be effective in reducing pain, inflammation and muscle tightness, which is especially beneficial for sports injuries, arthritis and chronic pain.

Regeneration and recovery

The targeted exposure to cold promotes the regeneration of muscles and tissues, probably accelerates the healing process after injuries and improves overall recovery after intense physical exertion.

Increase of the well-being

Cold treatments can reduce stress, improve sleep quality and enhance overall well-being. They also open up new possibilities for an active and health-conscious lifestyle experience.

Cold chambers are versatile and attractive for various industries.

Athletes and sportsmen use cold chambers for faster recovery and regeneration after training. Gyms, sports centers and professional sports teams might be interested in a cold chamber to provide an additional service to their clients.

Cryotherapy can be used in medical rehabilitation to aid recovery after injury or surgery. Clinics, physiotherapy practices and rehabilitation centers may be interested in a cold chamber to offer their patients an innovative treatment method.

Cold chambers are used in wellness and spa facilities for relaxing and revitalizing treatments. Hotels, wellness resorts and spa centers could include a cold chamber in their offer to provide unique wellness experiences to their guests.

Cold chambers are also used for skin care treatments to improve skin appearance and treat skin conditions. Beauty salons and skin care centers could benefit from a cold chamber to offer innovative and effective treatments to their clients.

People who lead an active and health-conscious life might be interested in cold chamber therapy. Fitness enthusiasts, health and lifestyle bloggers or influencers could be potential target groups.

Cold chambers could also be used in medical facilities such as hospitals, pain clinics or sports medicine centers to offer patients innovative treatment options.

4 steps of cooperation

Information and advice

The interested party receives extensive information and clarification of initial questions by telephone.

On-site appointment and individual offer

After the feedback from interested parties, an on-site appointment is made to visit the premises and discuss possible questions.

Implementation and delivery

The customer accepts the offer, and the individual cold chamber is built within 10-12 weeks.

Structure and training

The cold chamber is set up on site in 4-5 working days, at the same time an appointment is made for device instruction and training.

Your advantages

At a glance


High sales potential

Low investment with maximum benefit


Easy to use

Innovative control via app


All-round service

Production, consulting, maintenance from a single source


Without nitrogen

Safe, electric cold chamber



Innovative control via app


Large target group

Versatile areas of application

Made in Germany

Simple & innovative
control via app

Without nitrogen
100% electric


Innovative control via LifeCube App.

Professional athletes rely on Lifecube

LifeCube electric cold chamber

The innovative and safe LifeCube expands your scope of services and offers high sales potential through a wide range of applications.

Application time only 3 minutes

Equipped with protective clothing and an interactive app, just three minutes are enough to record initial successes.

Down to -200°F

Completely electric, using refrigeration units, the LifeCube can be cooled down to -110°C, depending on the model.


In addition to the standard models, the individual design of the LifeCube is available. You can customize the cold chamber both in terms of color and space.


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